My husband and I started vacationing in Marathon 10 years ago and fell in love with the islands of the Florida Keys.  The warm, friendly and turquoise waters of these American Caribbean islands, the incredible sea life, and the people who call these islands home completely charmed and captivated us. Many of our family and friends likewise were mesmerized and as a result several of them also purchased homes or moved to the Keys. We were so smitten that we wanted to share these magical islands with everyone. And that is how our small portfolio of vacation rental homes started back in 2014 with the goal of offering special properties with high style and supreme comfort to the guests who so wisely choose the Keys for their vacations.  We convinced Kim, one of our very best friends, to move to the Keys to manage our portfolio and join our vacation adventure.  Kim, my standard poodle, Layla, and I decorate, style and nourish these homes with our souls while my husband and our other standard poodle, Chopper, help us make the big decisions and cheer us on.

Over the years Kim and I have been asked so often about our island home styling and personal styling by our guests that we are now expanding our website to include vacation fashion tips and sourcing as well as sourcing of home decor and staples.  Everything you need for a great vacation in the Keys and some island style to introduce to your own home.

Vacation styling and comfort, is really what it is all about, our little business.  

We are three besties and two standard poodles, dedicated to ensuring that our guests are like us, happy in the Keys!

As far as we are concerned, it just cannot get any better.

Peace, love, and vacations,

Martie, Kim and Layla

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