Vacation Rental Homes Are the Answer To The Coronavirus Pandemic

Our 5 luxury vacation homes are the perfect place to self-quarantine & spend time with your family and friend.
Our 5 luxury vacation homes are the perfect place to self-quarantine & spend time with your family and friend.

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(note our homes are available for a 7-night stay with a Saturday check-in and check-out.)


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At the time of this writing, in the United States, conferences and large gatherings are being canceled, universities and schools are suspending classroom work and reverting to online learning, companies are sending their employees home to work remotely and cruise ships are being held offshore with their passengers being quarantined once they come ashore.  The community spread and highly contagious nature of the new virus, the COVID-19, is impacting every country, every business and every person in one way or the other. However, for the multitudes that are not sick, life goes on – just somewhat disrupted as we watch the world around us reel from total disruption.

Vacation Rental homes are the perfect solution to not only the question of taking an annual vacation but also to these highly unusual circumstances in which we are presently living. At, we have 5 luxury vacation homes in the Florida Keys that are ready for you, your family (including your dog of course) and your friends in several ways:

1. Vacations in the time of COVID-19

A vacation in one of our vacation rental homes affords you separation from the masses. You and your family stay in a lovely and private luxury home on a Caribbean island in the United States. You are not mingling in a hotel or sharing common area air and space with others. You can boat on the Atlantic ocean, swim in a heated pool, nap in a hammock or under a tiki, soak in the sun and fish on the dock. Or perhaps hang out with manatees and dolphins on that private dock every afternoon. Sip a cocktail and watch the sunset, drink a morning coffee with the sunrise. The options for relaxation and seclusion, should you want it are endless. Book with us at and you do not have to worry how long the COVID-19 pandemic plays out. And you if wish to avoid the airlines, you can drive from anywhere in the continental U.S.!

2. Remote Working in the time of COVID-19

My niece works for a very large national corporation in New York City where they are discouraging the use of the subway. Yesterday they sent all employees home to work from home. Her home is a cramped apartment in Brooklyn with 2 other young women. Her answer today was to fly to the Keys and work from my computer. She is genius. I suggest that this can be the answer to any similar working situation. We have terrific internet and cell service here in the Keys. And that turquoise blue ocean is very inspiring, invigorating and motivating.

3. Long distance learning in the time of COVID-19

As with remote working, why not come to the Keys with your college aged students let them experience attending college courses where they have a view?  Long distance learning can be done from anywhere. The Happy in the Keys five luxury homes are the perfect place to make that learning soar and promote family bonding at the same time.

4. Workplace Team Retreat

Take your elite sales team to one of the Happy in the Keys luxury vacation rental homes and focus on your 2020 goals and execution plan. Take your team somewhere special as our country grapples with this health challenge and punch up your numbers and success. Removing everyone from the public transit systems, everyday exposures and gathering places simply is smart and rewarding. Even if just for a week. Imagine the recharge!

Whatever your circumstances that lead you to want to get away during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are ready for you with our 5 fabulous vacation homes.  We have 2 four bedroom homes and 3 five bedroom homes, all with private pools and docks and properties. Each one is lovely and luxurious in its special way.  Fish Camp, Grouper House, Super Grouper House, Pirate Point Compound and Snapper House – see them all on our website at We are absolutely confident you will love any that you choose. You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook.

Stay well, Stay Safe and Hope to Sea You Soon,

Martie, Kim and Layla

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