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Our Happy In The Keys Story

Our story starts with the Mexican Drug Cartel in December of 2009.

For more than a decade, my husband, Stanley, and I had been flying to a breathtaking private resort on the Sea of Cortez just north of Cabo San Lucas to dive, relax and enjoy the ocean and beach with our family and friends. It was fairly close to El Paso, Texas, our home base so we could go often when our businesses allowed and without much planning. But in 2009, the Mexican Drug Wars between the cartels made travel to our beloved places in Mexico feel unsafe to us.
martie and stanley jobe in their boat
Martie and Stanley "Happy in The Keys"
Martie, Kim & Layla - Get Ready For Guests
Layla the golden poodle on the boat
Chopper Enjoying A Boat Ride
our family enjoying the Keys
Family Enjoying The Keys

The more we spent time in the Keys, the more we loved it.

The "Keys Disease"

When we decided to take a spur of the moment trip over the Christmas Holidays to the closest and most accessible tropical island to El Paso, we flew instead to the Florida Keys for the first time. And….Stanley and I simply fell in love with the islands contracting what the locals call the “Keys Disease.” We extended our stay, extended our stay again and then decided to look at property. We bought a sweet little old beach house in Key Colony Beach while the market was favorable. The more we spent time in the Keys, the more we loved it and felt right at home.

Welcome to The Caribbean

Before that first trip to the Keys, Stanley and I did not truly understand that the Keys are really Caribbean islands that share the same turquoise blue ocean waters as the Bahamas, Cuba and the other islands of the Caribbean. In fact, Andros Island in the Bahamas, is closer to Marathon, Florida (the middle Key) as the crow flies than is North Miami or Fort Lauderdale. And most other people who have never known the joy of being in these magical islands do not realize that geography and island reality. By way of island culture and ocean views, the Florida Keys have more in common with the Bahamas than the mainland of Florida.

A Familiar Story

Excited to share our newly found paradise with all of our family and friends, Stanley and I almost always brought along sisters, mothers, children, and our close friends with us on almost every trip we made to our home away from home. When you own a home in the Florida Keys – no one ever turns down an invitation!!! And that made it all the more fun and wonderful. But this is not unique to us, most people who travel to the Florida Keys cannot wait to return and many eventually buy property or move here for good. Our Jobe tribe started buying their own homes and properties and so did members of their family and some of their good friends. It is a common story you hear often when residents in the Keys are asked “How did you get to the Keys?”

A New Business Was Born

Because we loved sharing the Keys with other people and because we are entrepreneurs at heart, Stanley and I started buying and building homes for a vacation rental portfolio.  One of our best friends, Kim Portner, had been one of our frequent guests who loves the Keys like we do.  Kim happily accepted our offer to manage our properties and she moved immediately to the islands.  And that is how our business was born.  A deep friendship and a shared passion for these very special islands.  Just like all of our adult children, even our standard poodles, Layla and Chopper, are happiest when they are in the Florida Keys, running the beaches, chasing iguanas and fishing the sandbars. Just like us and just like we know you will feel too:  Happy in the Keys.

Our Mission

to share with you our found paradise in the Florida Keys by providing inspired rental properties and an exceptional level of service for the best vacation of your life. 

Our Team

We put our heart & soul into everything we do

Our job as we see it, is to make sure that the vacation rental homes are exceptional in every way and exceed all expectations. We want you to feel immediately at home and extraordinarily comfortable in your HappyintheKeys vacation home. 


As co-owner and co-designer, I love to create extraordinary homes for our guests that speak to their vacation souls and provide every ease of life. Together with Kim, we intentionally coaxed the ocean and tropical surroundings into our vacation rental homes with the details and elevated design approach that are found in each home. I believe that when our guests walk into one of our vacation rental homes, they should feel the stress of life fall away and feel enveloped with comfort and the natural beauty of the islands. Built into our design approach are whimsical and fun beachy decor surprises to invoke smiles and happiness. We filled each home with the custom touches, luxury linens, specialty mattresses and furnishings that we all should expect in a home away from home. Nothing makes me happier than to hear one of our guests say - as many have - "I could live here and not change one thing." Marketing our vacation rental homes and our Keys lifestyle on our Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and blog is a daily joy that keeps me connected to our mission and our guests.


Best friend, co-designer, and the daily "face" of HappyintheKeys Vacation Rental Properties, Kim ensures you receive the best in hospitality, communication, and service. Kim handles the inquiries, quotes, and bookings as well as most communications. She inspects every home before our guests arrive and welcomes them with a beautiful smile. She works hard to make the entire process seamless and easy for everyone.


My husband and co-owner, Stanley, oversees the building and maintenance of our properties with his vast experience in construction, building and business. His encouraging and positive viewpoints keep Kim and me focused and on track with our HappyintheKeys mission.

Jerry Rojas & Jose Gomez

Our maintenance staff of two work every day to keep all systems well maintained and operational and to keep our vacation rental homes in pristine condition for our guests' ultimate enjoyment. If any thing at all is not working properly - a lightbulb goes out, a smart tv won't connect to the speaker --- they are on site in a matter of minutes.

Happy In The Keys

Our ultimate wish, and the reason we began this journey…

We want you to walk in the door, fall in love with every designer detail and never want to leave. We want you to experience the best sleep you have ever had, spend more time in the ocean waters restoring your soul than ever before, catch the most saltwater fish than ever in your life, eat the most exquisite seaside cuisine you have ever had in all of your years, and finally, we want you to smile and laugh so much during your time in the Keys that your facial muscles ache.

We want all our guests to feel as Happy in the Keys as we do: And we hope that our story will become your story, as you make one of our amazing properties your vacation home away from home, returning to it time after time, in the years ahead. Living and belonging like a Florida Keys island local.

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In our goal to provide more and more assistance and tools for you in planning and experiencing the best vacation ever, we provide recommendations and information that can truly make your life easier as you prepare for your trip and while you are here.

We also have launched a blog that will discuss what to do while you are in the Keys, where to purchase some of our home decor and furnishings, where to eat or shop while you are here and what to order ahead of time, oh and even what kind of bait is best off the docks!

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