A Special Message From Happy in the Keys.

Covid 19 And Our Vacation Rentals

Updated May 6, 2020

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has not yet lifted the Florida temporary ban on short term rentals and vacation rental homes. We are not sure when it will be lifted, but we are hoping it will be June 1, 2020.

HappyintheKeys is in the process of developing and refining its proprietary safeguards and changes to the 5 luxury and premium vacation rental homes that we own and operate in the Florida Keys. These changes will be followed once our guests return until the threat of COVID-19 abates.

Your health, welfare and safety are our top priority and concern as always. As you are planning or contemplating your next visit to one of HappyintheKeys’ vacation rental homes in Marathon and Key Colony Beach, Florida in the Florida Keys, you will most likely have questions about our cleaning protocol and other actions we are taking to address the concerns that this world pandemic presents to all of us and to your vacation rental stay. We have modified our homes and our procedures to mitigate risks and supplement our cleaning processes and actions. We will be updating these procedures as necessary and as facts emerge about the coronavirus. We summarize our changes and procedures in a bullet list below this message to answer expected questions and concerns.

Our vacation rental homes are the perfect place to get away and decompress while still practicing safe social distancing. Our Wi-Fi is reliable and thus, staying in touch with loved ones or working while away is easy.

We appreciate all of your cooperation, support and patience through this very stressful and confusing time that shifts at every turn. We are here for you now and will be here for you when this passes. Your vacations are our mission and business. Our vacation rental homes will be ready for you as always.

Our Actions and Changes:

  1. Investment in a cutting edge data-driven infection prevention program to disinfect an entire home and all surfaces with a nontoxic cleaner/disinfectant with sporicidal grade disinfection. This system is the Evaclean Earthsafe Protexus electrostatic sprayer and Purtabs sanitizing tablets that eradicate 99.999% of bacteria and viruses while being safer for people, surfaces and the environment. We expect delivery of this system in June. You can view a youtube video about this amazing and exciting system here.
  2. Until our new Evaclean sprayer and tablets arrive, we have updated our cleaning procedures with CDC listed disinfectant and a checklist to disinfect all surfaces as recommended by CDC reopening guidelines .
  3. New laundry procedures.
  4. Temporary removal of soft goods not necessary for a comfortable vacation (such as throw pillows, decorative blankets and quilts).
  5. Use of washable blankets on beds and on upholstered seating such as sectionals and easy chairs.
  6. Flexible booking options and refunds until May 31, 2020.
  7. The inclusion of an option for “Cancel for any reason” vacation travel insurance at time of any booking from our website as of May 6, 2020.
  8. With toilet paper, paper towels and hand soap in short supply in our local stores, we have added an option to purchase a COVID-19 supply bundle for the home that can be purchased at our cost to have in the home when you arrive.


Peace, love and vacations, 

Martie, Kim and Layla