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This is the quickest, easiest, and most delicious local meal you can have in Marathon. It is perfect for the first day of arrival after a quick stop at the local Fish Tales Market and Eatery on Overseas Highway – just a short drive from any of our 5 houses. Find them in their freezer just inside the door!

These crab cakes are special and unlike any you will ever have any other place in the world. George and John create these inspired crab cakes with seven different kinds of crab that they source from fresh markets all over the country and then they mix them up with their own concoction of spices. And they are simply amazing. Like never forget them and dream about them when you are away amazing.

While you are there at this quaint market, you can stock up on a few more of their specialty items. Fish Tales is locally owned by George, John, and Jackie – three treasures of our island. They work hard and are dedicated to serving all of us on the island with the very best seafood and meat market options. Part of their market is a restaurant with regular and special meals every weekday. On the menu will be a variety of fish, seafood and home-style meals like meatloaf or perhaps spaghetti. Every item is terrific!

In their market, when you pick up these crab cakes, I recommend that you also dig into their freezer and pull out some of their homemade sausages and bratwurst, a frozen chocolate mud pie, perhaps a key lime pie and some frozen and tenderized conch.

You will find Certified Angus Beef, that they will happily hand cut for you, along with fresh snapper, grouper, hogfish, Key West Pink Shrimp, Royal Red Shrimp, Mahi Mahi, Sushi Grade Tuna, fresh wild-caught Alaskan salmon, smoked fish, and other seafood items. You can also pick up some of their handmade spices like blackened, lemon pepper, or Seafood Seasonings.

Did you see the wild-caught Alaskan salmon option I slipped in that list of market choices? It is absolutely true and not a mistake! George, John, and Jackie have a friend in Alaska that regularly trades fresh fish with them for their respective seafood markets thousands of miles from each other and catty-corner across the United States as far as you can go in each direction. Very cool. In fact, George smokes some of the fresh wild-caught salmon quite often and it is the best-smoked salmon I have ever eaten. So if you like salmon, ask for two or three pounds of smoked salmon – you will definitely love it, I am confident of that fact. If you need more than that amount, call ahead and talk to them about what you need and, most likely, they can make it happen; I know they will if they can.

The Eigner’s pride themselves on great food, service, and prices and you won’t be disappointed when you stop in and visit. One of the Eigner’s is always around to help you or to tell you a “FISH TALE”! On the counter will likely be homemade bread and homemade tortilla chips. WOW! So winning!

Back to the crab cakes. Sometimes I serve them with a simple arugula salad with a simple olive oil dressing, goat cheese, and pomegranate seeds. But if we need a bit more substance, I will roast broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms to serve alongside the salad and crab cakes. Black rice is another fantastic option that looks so dramatic on the plate. You really can not go wrong with anything you decide to prepare. The crab cakes are a show stopper all alone.


• Crab Cakes from Fish Tales Market and Eatery

• Mustard Sauce (also at Fish Tales)

• Tartar Sauce (also at Fish Tales)

Yield: Two per package

Nutritional facts:  Light and healthy protein


Saute crab cakes in a small bit of olive oil until browned on both sides.

Serve with your favorite vegetables and side dishes.

Fish Tales Market and Eatery

Fish Tales Market and Eatery is a locally owned and operated business located at 11711 Overseas Highway, Marathon, Florida.  (305) 743-9196. Find them on Facebook:

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